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Crushing On: Mixed Metals

There was a time when I thought that most things needed to match. Not furniture, mind you. I have always subscribed to the theory that your furniture is better if not bought as a set. But I definitely thought that you should stick to one metal finish.

When we bought our house ten years ago, there were several things, like door knobs and heat vents, that were original to the house. It was obvious that the people who built the house did not stick to my “one finish” rule. The front room had brass, the bathroom and kitchen had silver, for example. I rolled with the punches and decided that was fine. I decorated accordingly and added gold and brass touches to the front room and silver in the kitchen and bath.

Over the years though I started to care less and less. If I liked something and it was a different finish, I added it the room anyway. I realized I liked the mixed finishes together because it created a more collected look.

As I have planned for my new bathroom, I’ve decided there will be multiple finishes, and I love how it will all come together! I decided that since my bathroom is not done yet (the tile looks gorgeous!!!) that I would share some other examples of spaces with mixed metals.


what i'm crushing on


Comfortable, modern, glam. That is how I would describe this living room. I love all the metallic items!


mixed metals living room

image source: BHG


Accessories are an easy and fun way to add in different metal finishes. Everything from lamps, knick knacks, baskets, picture frames, to  vases and planters.


mixed metal accessories

image source: House of Jade


I love this cute basket set!

mixed metal baskets

image source: Layla Grace


Kitchens seem to be the room that mixed metals are most common. I love the gold used with the stainless steel and even the black legs of the stools!


mixed metals in the kitchen

image source: House Beautiful


I was initially drawn to the blue cabinets in this image, but it has a good mix of gold and stainless steel too.


mixed metal finishes kitchen

image source: Pink House


I love a good tablescape and this one with copper, silver, and gold tones is stunning!


mixed metals tablescape

image source: House & Home


Mixed metals can work with any design style. This bathroom is absolutely beautiful!


mixed finishes bathroom

image source: Traditional Home


Copper, silver and black metals work so well together in this coffee station.


mixed metals coffe staion

image source: The White Farmhouse


I know, I know, it is too soon to talk about Christmas…BUT I was drawn to this image of ornaments. They are so pretty and would look good on a traditional, glamorous, or even rustic tree.


mixed metal ornaments

image source: Ballard Designs



I want to know what you think about this trend. Are you a fan of mixing finishes? Or do you prefer to keep things matching? Is there one room that you think mixed metals work the best?





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