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Crushing On: Marble

My house is currently a disaster. There is dust everywhere from the drywall mud, piles of painting supplies, baseboards that need to be installed, boxes of flooring, and lumber. So occasionally it is nice to escape and look at pretty pictures on pinterest.  This month I am crushing on marble. Normally my mind immediately goes to marble counters, floors and backsplashes, but I’d like to show examples of other uses for marble (faux or real) around your house.

Marble dishes are so chic and can be dressed up or down. The gold flatware looks especially nice with these plates.


marble dishes

Source: Refinery 29 


A more neutral look is also pretty. Very classy!


marble dishes

Source: Fashionable Hostess


Take it to the next level with marble flatware.


marble flatware

Source: Urban Outfitters 


These marble shelves are stunning! They would look incredible in a kitchen or a bathroom.


marble shelves

Source: unknown


I need these marble canisters ASAP. Paired with the wood top it pretty much is perfect.


marble canisters

Source: CB2


Do you want to make a big statement? What about marble wallpaper!


marble wallpaper

Source: Milexa


It makes a great backdrop for shelves.


marble wall

Source: unknown


This is one of my favorite examples. How amazing are these marble drawer pulls? They would instantly elevate any furniture piece or kitchen cabinets.


marble drawer pulls

Source CB2


For someone who rarely uses trays, I sure have a lot of them. I think I might need to add a marble one to my collection. Beautiful!


marble tray

Source: House of Philia


Marble coffee tables are so classic. They can be found an almost any style.


marble coffee table

Source: West Elm


marble table

Source: Globe West


There lots of ways to add marble in your home in the form of accessories, like this gorgeous lamp.


marble lamp

Source: unknown



Or perhaps a clock!


marble clock

Source: Obiekt via Etsy


These candle holders are adorable and would look great on a dining table or coffee table.


marble candle holder

Source: Nordic House


You know I can’t help but always include a planter! I definitely need a marble pot! So adorable!


marble pots

Source: Royaume Style Deco 


I have a slight obsession with picture frames. I use to hoard them. If I came across these I would for sure add them to my cart!

marble frame

Source: Adairs 


Add a touch of this trend into your bathroom with these fun accessories.


marble bathroom accessories

Source: Restoration Hardware


I love the raw marble of these bookends. Still just as pretty as polished marble.


marble bookend

Source: Free People 



What do you think about marble in home decor? Do you have any in your home? 




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  1. Danna Frank says

    I love marble but I think I would want it for countertops and around the shower walls. I can relate to drywall dust, baseboards and paint all over the house. We finished our living room, family and part of the kitchen (still need new cabinets) a week before Thanksgiving. We have our bedroom left and we are finished. (We also had the yuck of getting rid of popcorn ceilings.) We were so tired of all of it and I kept telling my husband I’m done I can’t do anymore. Everyone kept telling me once it’s done you will appreciate all the work you did and love the transformation. I still don’t appreciate the work but I do love the transformation. Carpet is gone and cleaning the floors is much easier and quicker (about 45 minutes quicker) than vacuuming.

  2. Sarah Vogel says

    I needed a new backsplash behind my kitchen counter a couple years ago, and found a roll of marble-look wallpaper at Goodwill for $1….yes, it looks just like real marble! And shortly afterward, I began seeing pictures of real marble backsplashes being the new luxury item for kitchens! I was pretty proud of myself for being ahead of the trend–and for a LOT cheaper!! Yay! Thanks for showing all the beautiful choices for marble–it is so timeless, classic and adds elegance to any space.

  3. Denise Grissom says

    I love marble window seals. My mother’s house had them in the 60s and I still love them. Also, doorway transitions to adjacent rooms. Beautiful.

  4. Karin says

    I absolutely adore anything marble! Currently I am on a mission to inject a little bit of marble (and gold) into the decor of each room in my house! It just makes such an elegant statement and is timeless to boot!