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Crushing On: Green

Ever since Pantone announced the color of the year would be Greenery, I have been wanting to write this post. To be honest, I don’t pay too close attention to all the different “colors of the year”, but I did think this one was fun since I am a certified plant lady/hoarder. I think every room can benefit from some greenery :)


what i'm crushing on


Instead of plants, let’s chat about other ways you can add greenery into your home.




Whenever I am testing out a new trend or color, I always do it by using accessories. They are a non permanent way to experiment that don’t cost a lot of money. I love green glass bottles and this lamp reminds me of that. Vintage glass items are easy enough to find in thrift stores and on eBay.


green lamp

Image source: Ethan Allen


Feeling a little more daring? Paint a piece of furniture! It is just paint after all, and if you decide you don’t like green in your decor, you can always paint over it. But if it looks anything like this cute table, you will probably fall madly in love!


green nightstand

Photo Source: Saw, Nail, & Paint

Green sofas are everywhere this year! I *almost* bought one but it was tufted and the other pieces in my family room are tufted and I thought I might be too much. If you can find a good deal on a sofa, it is a bold way to add this trendy color to your space.

green couch

Photo Source: Cup of Jo


If a sofa is a bit too much, just add some pillows! I ordered a couple of green pillows as a compromise when I didn’t get the sofa. Like accessories, they are a good way to add a new color without spending a ton of money.


green pillows

Photo Source: Camilla Molders


Life is too short to have a boring kitchen! I love the vintage vibe this New Orleans kitchen has and the cabinets are fabulous.


green cabinets

Photo Source: Design Sponge


Maybe the kitchen is too big of a space for you to commit to a bold color, but what about your bathroom?


green bathroom

Photo Source: HGTV


This geometric tile is so fun! I tend to go traditional with things that are not easily switched out but this tile is pretty amazing!


green tile bathroom

Photo Source: Front & Main


When I was growing up my mom said I could redecorate my room however I wanted. I chose green and white. Now as an adult, I also have a green and white bedroom. Maybe that is why I was so drawn to this space. White and green will forever be one of my favorite combos!


green bedroom

Photo Source: Claire Brody

I am curious,how many of you already have green accents in your home? If not, is this a color that you see yourself using more of in the future? 


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  1. Marla says

    You know whats funny, I just got rid of my green carpet, so I don’t even want to go there!! I do have one green stone pitcher. I do like it as an accent color on those pillows! Love your blog!

    • Liza says

      Almost every apartment we ever had had green carpet and this house curry has forest green on the stairs and mint green in the basement so I totally get that! I like it best as an accent color :)

  2. Nancy says

    I’m thinking about painting a table green. Loved seeing the example in your blog. Still thinking about it! ?

  3. Dyan says

    My walls, furniture and floor are neutral (grey) just so that I can bring in various colors for accents, which I do each season. My main accent color is turquoise so seasonal accents have to go with that. I chose navy and lime along with the turquoise for Spring, and I am thrilled with the results. A lime throw, some accent pillows and books add the perfect bright touch. I never thought of green until I started seeing ideas like your post, so keep up the inspiration!

  4. Joan says

    When growing up, I chose green for my bedroom and my sister chose pink for hers. I thought I was just so much more sophisticated! My home is now quite neutral however, I have lovely soft green walls in my laundry room. It’s such a nice restful color; if you have to do laundry, you might as well be relaxed and enjoy your surroundings!

  5. Barb macaskill says

    Our kitchen, living room, hall and utility room are all painted in shades of green. Even the ceilings. Most people don’t realize that if you paint your ceiling in a lighter shade than the walls, the room actually looks bigger! I fought hubby to get the ceilings painted and now he brags like it was HIS idea! We have gotten lots of compliments and many friends have started painting their ceilings too.

  6. Danna says

    Green is just a color I struggle with. I think because growing up we had the green and gold shag carpet and I had to vacuum and rake it all the time. And my mom painted the kitchen cabinets green. I felt like everywhere I turned it was green. Even the outside of the house was painted green. I do have my plants and can relate with you Liza to being a plant lady/hoarder. I don’t even know how many I have but I do know that in two of the bedroom I have two plants and the other two bedroom I have at least 5. In the living room and family room I have no idea how many I have. Our bathroom has one but the other bathroom doesn’t have any because it doesn’t have a window. So that’s all the green I have in my house.

    • Marilyn says

      I love the green lamp too but the only way I will be able to buy this lamp is from America and the store doesn’t ship to Europe. They did open a store in Brussels ( why there I don’t know ) they could have chosen London instead – much more fashionable, anyway that store is now closed. I won’t be looking for this type of lamp in thrift stores or on eBay I was looking for a simple green glass vase for years and didn’t find one. Liking the velvet sofa and tiles in green though. Thank you.