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Crushing On: Exposed Brick Walls

To say I am crushing on exposed brick walls now is true, but I have long been obsessed with the look of interior brick walls. Every since I was a young girl I have planned on my home having exposed brick somewhere. Shane and I decided shortly after moving in that our future master bedroom would have a wall of brick. We will use thin brick (brick veneer) tiles to create the look. I hope we can get to that project soon because I have been imagining it for such a long time and I think it will be fabulous!

If you have exposed brick in your homes, let me know if you love it or if you think it is hard to clean. That is my only small hang up is the fear it would collect dust and then be a pain to clean. Can you just vacuum it? Use a soapy rag? Spill the beans!

I love that brick can be dressed up and traditional, casual in a farmhouse, trendy in a boho space, modern, or industrial in a loft. Here are some of my favorite examples!


A fear some people have is that brick will make their space dark or heavy. That does not need to be the case! Look and bright and airy this living room looks!


exposed brick in the living room

Image via My Domain


Aged brick is my favorite look. It instantly brings a sense of history to a place!

exposed brick living room

Image via House & Home


There are clever ways to hang artwork on brick so there is little or no damage to the brick itself. Domino shows some of these examples.

exposed brick and hanging pictures

Image via Domino


I like when brick is found in unexpected places like as a backdrop for this bar.

exposed brick dining room

Image via Zillow


If I have a crush on brick walls then I have a full on love affair with brick archways! This one is stunning!


exposed brick wall

Image via @blessedmommatobabygirls

I love the look of brick in the kitchen. My only hang up is that greece would get on the bricks and I am not sure how easy it would be to clean. Maybe I am being a bit too practical….


brick wall kitchen

Image via Till Salu

I love everything about this stairway! It is gorgeous. I have decided that white and brick go together like chocolate and bad days.


brick stairs

Image via Trendland


Here is another great brick arch! Such a great architectural detail.



Image via Cedar Hill Farmhouse 


I was not planning on having the brick we add be the wall behind the bed but this picture has me rethinking it! I love the white, soft curtain against the texture of the brick.

brick wall bedroom

Image via Elise Joseph 


Here’s another stunning example of brick in the bedroom.


Image via Apartment Therapy


I love the modern industrial vibe this home office has which is proof that brick can be both feminine and masculine.

brock wall office

Image via Life On Virginia Street


Another fun and unexpected place to have brick is in the bathroom. How gorgeous is this farmhouse bathroom?


brick veneer wall

Image via Christina’s Adventures


Do you like the look of exposed brick as much as I do? I would love to hear all your thought on brick. Comment below and let’s chat :)


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  1. brenda says

    the aged brick does look great in most settings. adds atmosphere. Having tried to help a relative clean brick that had some challenges from being too close to a barbecue grill area, i would speak against having it around a cooking area of any sort.
    also, i believe there are some great sealing products that will help a lot with any other cleaning challenges.

    Do you think it will be as a darker painted feature wall and cause the space to appear smaller.??

    • Liza says

      Those tips and experiences are too to know!

      I think as long as you had enough light elements like light colored walls, light furniture, or light curtains, it would be okay. Also, the aged look is a lighter brick color and would not be as dramatic or dark.

  2. Gina says

    I’ve always loved exposed brick walls. In 1982 my husband and my first apartment had a brick wall and it was my favorite part of that apartment. Would give anything for an exposed brick wall in my current home.

  3. Marie says

    I am so with you on aged brick! It instantly adds character to a space. It is easier than ever to add to your home now, too, because of the slim brick tiles. Thanks for sharing your amazing round up of inspiration with us at Merry Monday this week!

  4. Audra @ Renewed Projects says

    What a gorgeous round up of brick walls! I have several of these pinned to my brick wall love board, just can’t get enough! I’m with you on grease getting on a brick wall backsplash. Yuck! I would have to find an either a clear cutting board to cover it or a clear sealant to protect the brick. Too beautiful to paint or tile over!

  5. sanna says

    Hi there and regards from Scandinavia, Finland!

    Go for the bricks! We have the exposed brick walls in our master bed room, as it is the oldest part of the house and used to be a sort of a carage. We renovated everything else – the roof, floor,doors, windows – but did nothing to those walls and tiles. They were perfect already, I just vacuumed it and after that I had a very mild natural soap and water that I carefully wiped to the tiles. When vacuuming, be sure to use the brush extension (do not know if this really is a correct word .. :). The soap that I used is the one we have here, but pretty surely you will find the similar ones in your country (the Finnish one you can find by googling mantysuopa).
    The brick wall is beautiful but also natural and bringing the healthy feeling. It breaths and feels to collect the warmth when it is cold outside, and during the hot season it feels nice and shadowy.

    So I guess that it makes it perfect to any bedroom or living room. But agree with Brenda; would’t recommend to kitchen or laundry room, where it might be messy or wet. Good luck for your renovate!

  6. Lydia @ Thrifty Frugal Mom says

    I’m a brick lover too and loved these beautiful ideas! We had exposed brick in our bedroom and several other places in our previous house and loved it so much that we made it a priority to do it in our current fixxer upper too. We did one wall in the kitchen and then also exposed a wall in our living room. It adds so much character and yes, I love it with a crisp white.