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Crushing On: Botanical

It makes the plant lady’s heart happy to see the botanical trend going so strong. From wall art to curtains, this is a fun way to add a bit a greenery to a space even if you think you have a black thumb. I am sharing lots of examples today and you will be able to see why I am crushing on all things botanical!


Prints are an easy and inexpensive way to add this trend to your home. My favorite way to display botanical prints is in a grouping like my friend Melissa did in her home.


Framed Botanicals

Photo Source: The Inspired Room


Here is another stunning example of the impact botanical prints can make in a space.


botanical prints

Photo Source: Bless’er House


You don’t need to have a whole wall, even just a couple of prints can work!



Photo Source: Liza Greis


Or maybe have one large poster print instead of a group.


botanical print large

Photo Source: Magnolia Market


Throw pillows are another easy way to incorporate this trend.


botanical pillows on chairs

Photo Source: Coastal Style


I love the subtle way these add a touch of green to the space. It makes it seem so fresh!


botanical pillows

Photo Source: Style Files


I love all the green in this space! I spy botanical curtains as well….


botanical pillow

Photo Source: H&M Home


Speaking of curtains, I have to say this delicate print is so charming.


botanical curtains in kitchen

Photo Source: Jane Clayton


You can bold to make a statement!


botanical curtains in bedroom

Photo Source: Thou Swell


This wallpaper is also a bold choice and perfect for a small bathroom. I think I would feel like I was on vacation every time I stepped foot in there!


botanical wallpaper

Photo Source: The Zhush


I think if I were to use a botanical wallpaper it would be this one. I love the feather like fern pattern.


botanical wallpaper print

Photo Source: BohoWalls via Etsy


I was drawn to this one because of the color. Still green but a hint of blue. Such a gorgeous design!


boho botanical wallpaper

Photo Source: BohoWalls (out of stock)



I looked around for some items that were inexpensive that you could add to your space to incorporate this trend in your homes. Here are a few of my favorite things I found!


Shop this look!


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