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Christmas Room Tour

If you are coming over from from Pretty Handy Girl, WELCOME! I just love blog hops and I have been following this one all week. A big thank you to Chris from Just A Girl for organizing it.

I have always focused most of my decorating in the family room. That is partly why I chose the dining to share to today. That and the fact that the family room is sitting there half done. I’m using the excuse that I am waiting for Saturday so the kids can help finish it but really I have just been busy with other projects. In fact I had to sweep up sawdust in order to photograph the dining room.




I chose the dining room also because I love having a good excuse to set a pretty table. Living with boys means we don’t do “fancy” very often. But it is good to do it every once in a while to brush up on the ‘ole manners.




Last year I added this cute countdown to the chalkboard that I use to hide the TV in the family room and it was a little hard for the kids to reach so I moved it in here.




Our dining area is very small so I can’t add a lot of decorations but that is alright since I like to keep things simple.




P.S. How cute is that snowflake candle holder on the table? I picked it up at Walmart of all places. I think if I decorate my new shelves next year I might used it for utensils like wooden spoons.




Thanks for stopping by! The next (and final) room on the tour belongs to the fabulous Kindred Vintage!


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  1. Cath M T says

    Lovely! So nice to see “clean and simple” decorating. Everything pops next to your white walls. So much nicer than the “too much is never enough” approach that some people take. (Easier to take it all down in the end, too.) I’ll bet your boys appreciate it and will remember it always.

  2. linda says

    Thought I would see what you have been up to since November. There is that great chalkboard again! Brushing up on manners is a good idea! Can’t tell you how many kids we come across who have terrible table manners! Lovely table setting too. Linda