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Flowers On The Clothes Line

Idea #5 Outdoor Party Decor When thinking about having guests over, do you sometimes wonder how to camouflage the not so attractive things in your yard? You could throw a sheet over them, or you could decorate them! Do you have a clothesline? Why not hang some mason jars vases from them??? I first wrapped […]


Here is another installment of the Outdoor Spaces event! I have at least 4 more posts after this one. I hope you are getting some inspiration from this and I can’t WAIT to see the ideas you link up to Fridays linky party. Idea #4 Re-purpose items! Look at something in a new way. One […]

Outdoor Storage

Welcome to the second installment of my summer Outdoor Spaces Event! IDEA #2  Cute Storage Okay, to be honest this example is more decoration than anything, BUT it would still be cute if you had stacks of pots, more hand tools, twine, and other gardening supplies. And since the odds are good that I will […]

My form of therapy…

I haven’t been painting, staining or building lately because I have been doing THIS!!!! Gardening is my therapy. There is just something about it that makes me feel good through and through. The fact that you can put a tiny seed in the ground and it will grow a plant with FOOD on it will […]

Drying herbs

I only started cooking with fresh herbs a few years ago. Before that I just used the dried stuff in bottles from the store. But now that I have tasted the difference I won’t go back! At the end of the growing season I pick what I haven’t used and hang them up to dry. I […]


I love artichokes!!!! I have a lot of Italian dishes I like to make that call for artichokes.I also like to steam them and dip the leaves in butter then scrape the “meat” off the leaves. The best is when you make it to the heart of the choke and dip that in the butter, […]