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Our Backyard Plans

Spring is a magical time of year here in Utah. After what feels like an eternal winter, we finally can work outside again. It is a double edge sword though, because it takes time away from inside projects that we started when it was too cold and muddy to be outside. It is the one […]

Composting 101 {+ FREE Printable}

It is spring time! That means I get to start up my gardening series again. Last year we covered starting seeds indoors, garden planning and crop rotation, weed control, gardening tools & supplies, and seeds saving. Today we are going to cover a new topic….COMPOST!   First up, let’s chat about types of compost bins… […]

Seed Saving

I loved sharing a gardening series with you this year! I had planned on adding a post or two on canning but the time of year when you harvest and bottle is such a busy time with school starting. I just didn’t make the time to can and do a detailed photo shoot. Canning is done and […]

Weed Control

I’ve really enjoyed posting more about gardening this year. It is such a passion of mine. It is right up there with DIY projects :) I’ve posted about controlling weeds in your garden before, but it was years ago and before I started my gardening series and many of you may have missed it. It made […]

Seed Starting 101

I’ve been meaning to do a gardening series ever since I started my blog. The trouble is, I get so excited to garden come spring, that I don’t really think ahead and take photos along the way. I am so excited to get my hands in the dirt that I just jump in. This is the […]

Rainbow Garden

In the past I have not shared my gardening time with anyone. It was my therapy. Weeding was my “me” time at the end of the day. And I was so paranoid about my kids “messing” things up. A couple of years ago I let my boys have a section of the garden. We planted things […]

Indoor Winter Gardening

I am so excited to have partnered with The Scotts Company to share how you can garden this winter with the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden. The experiences and thoughts are all mine! I touched on it briefly this past spring, but I struggle in the winter. This solar powered girl gets bogged down in the long Utah […]