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A Boho Room For My Niece

Awhile ago I shared a little mini room makeover I did for one of my nieces. Her sister was also in need of a little room refresh. She found an inspiration image and I set to work figuring out how to recreate that room in her space. It turned out to be the coolest boho room, and perfect for a teen girl!


bedroom before makeover


Here is the image she sent me to recreate. Such a fun, modern boho room!


inspiration image for boho bedroom

Source Unknown


Boho Room Reveal!

I think we did a pretty good job of getting it to look like the boho room inspiration photo. We made some intentional changes and kept true to the things we needed to. My sister was tasked with getting a basket and faux fur rug. She nailed it!


canopy bed with string lights


It is just as cute in the daylight!


Bohemian bedroom for teen girl


Lights & Art

We went with these round string lights instead of white Christmas lights. I changed up the framed print as well although I printed out a few options for her to choose from.


String lights on canopy bed


Rope Shelves

These rope shelves were the easiest! My one trick is that I clamped the two shelves together side by side and grabbed a drill bit the same size as the rope. I drilled along the seam a couple of inches from the edge. This created a half circle for the rope to fit into. I flipped the shelves around and did it again so each side had this “indent”. This way it will lay flat against the wall and the 1×4 board won’t slide out of the rope. For added support, I put some of that poster putty along the back edge of each shelf so they are secure. I love that stuff! I use it all the time. A little ball of that stuff on the corner of picture frames ensures they stay level.


Wood and rope hanging shelves


Canopy Bed

As far as the bed goes, I found an inexpensive IKEA bed ($39) and just built the top canopy.

IKEA wood bed frame

IKEA bed

To create the canopy I used 1×3 boards. I was just going to screw them onto the legs, but the legs had large bolts that made it so the canopy posts would not lay flat. I simply drilled a shallow hole where they bolts were and it worked perfectly!

I used pocket holes and pocket screws to attach the top of the canopy to the posts.



Pillows & Throw

My niece had already found this cute orange throw and we shopped my sister’s house (she’s obsessed with throw pillows like me!) and found some gray ones. If you follow me on instagram stories, you saw me making a million tassels out of embroidery thread. They were for this fun tassel pillow! It was a must if we were going to make this boho room look like the inspiration photo.


boho room for teen girl


I reused her old bedside table. I just flipped it on it’s side and put it at the end of the bed.


boho room with orange accents


Floral Wall Art

How adorable is this floral wall art my niece made? It was the perfect addition to her new grown up space.


Floral wall art


I am happy she loves her new space!


teen girl in her new boho room!

If you want to have this same look, here’s how!


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  1. Claire says

    Wow! I love how it turned out! I love the orange accents and those hanging shelves. Your niece did a great job on the floral wall hanging too!

  2. Danita says

    Wow! This looks amazing! I love that you used your wood skills to make that canopy top! You really have a great eye for design! Love this! So from what I can see, so does your niece!!! <3

  3. jessie lucas says

    Hi, im inlove with that pillow with the tassels you made! Would yoou be willing to make one just like that and sell it? Thankyou.