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Blue and White Bathroom Makeover

FINALLY! That was the first thing that came to mind when I went to write this post. My bathroom has actually been done for awhile and I am not sure why I kept hesitating to do the photo shoot. Maybe I just wanted to live with it for a bit and make sure everything was how I wanted it to be. But whatever the reason, I am ready to share the full blue and white bathroom makeover with you!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a bit and recall where we started. Not horrible, but after almost 10 years with it this way, I was ready for a change.



The tile was rust, pink, and greyish blue and I loathed it since the day we moved in. After we had a leak in the tub and some water damage, we pretty much gutted the whole room.



We have come along way and I LOVE how it turned out! I shared the bathroom shelves last week. I also shared how I built the vanity from scratch awhile back. It is one of my favorite builds to date :)



This bathroom is such a tiny space and the white walls help to open it up a bit. Before it was tan and it always felt too dark. Speaking of lighting, I had my friend who is an electrician come and add some can lights in the ceiling. Bye, bye boob light! I cut a new hole to center the light above the sink and bought a new light fixture. It is the same kind that is in my kitchen.




The only thing about my bathroom I was torn about taking out, were the door knobs that acted as towel hooks. I loved them and they worked great. Ultimately I decided it was time for a change. I picked these hooks up at Target and I am obsessed with them!



I am sure the little place to put a card was meant for you to label what went on each hook like “backpack”, “purse”, “coat”, or maybe it was meant for the names of the people in your family. I decided to go a different route since they were all for towels and putting names on them would probably cause a fight among the boys. I can hear it now…”You put your towel on my hook!”

My hooks lovingly say “Hang up your dang towel”, because maybe if I spell it out I won’t have to say it so often. Maybe ;)



I try to have extra soap, q-tips, toothpaste, etc on hand for when we run out. These baskets and bins do a good job of hiding it.



This plant stand was part of the reason the reveal took so long. I had a heck of a time finding affordable legs. I thought I had found a killer deal but ended up getting duped. After waiting WEEKS and weeks for them to arrive, a gerbil wearing a hoodie and headphones showed up instead. True story. If something seems too good to be true, it is. Use this as your cautionary tale.



I had a vision of what I wanted and couldn’t find one exactly like the image in my head so I made one. I wanted it to have edges so the plant didn’t slide off. I bought this flat bottomed wood salad bowl and added hairpin legs.


If you read this blog regularly, you know we like the outdoors and we hike a lot. We found these neat leaves while hiking to a waterfall earlier this year and brought a few home to press. I thought they added the perfect final touch to the room.



I am looking forward to phase 2 of the bathroom so we can finally have baths again. My youngest said showers are not as fun. I think we will wait until after the holidays to tackle the tub area. Until then, we are just enjoying having a pretty new blue and white bathroom (without any leaks)!



Some links are affiliate

Light fixture: Amazon

Grey curtains: IKEA

Plant Stand: Bowl from Target, Legs from Amazon

Vanity: Tutorial on how to build it

Faucet: Delta

Sink: IKEA

Mirror: Sliding mirror tutorial

Hardware: D.Lawless

Towel Hooks: Target

White marble tile: Home Depot

Baskets: Target

Blue bins: The Container Store

Wallpaper: Milton & King 

Paint color: Popped Corn by Behr

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    • Liza says

      Hahaha! I actually tried putting batteries in it and it did nothing. So not only did I get a toy, but it is broken! Maybe I could work it into my next makeover. We could play “spot the gerbil” :)

  1. Danita says

    This is so awesome! And the ” gerbil wearing a hoodie and headphones” had me laughing out loud and scaring my cats!!!
    Everything is so beautiful and organized I really hope you have grown to love it too!!! You have worked so long and hard on this one you deserve the rich reward of satisfaction! I love this look so much! I wish I could hire you to redo my guest bathroom in something similar! Really well done, Liza!!!

  2. Jean C says

    It’s wonderful! I hate a dingy bathroom and yours is so fresh and joyful. Love that blue and white wallpaper. Awesome redo!

  3. Diego Lopes says

    I simply love the makeover! The bathroom looks marvelous, all the elements are very stilish and the combination of blue and white just makes it extra beautiful =)

  4. Sydney Jean Andrews says

    Hi Liza. Love the bathroom makeover. You say what color the walls are, but you don’t mention the Blue of the Door and the wood trims. I have a peach bathroom, that needs a make over. I like the Blue you used, and might just have to paint the inside of my Bathroom Door. I don’t know why I think they always need to be white. lol I see I am not the only one who loved the door color.

    Thanks. Love all your easy DIY stuff.

    Sydney Jean