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My Favorite Planters For Under $50

It’s no secret that I love plants. I think it is fun to make, build, and shop around for fun planters to put them in.  I decided to share some of my favorite recent finds.

I say “under $50” because the most expensive one listed is $45 but most are $30ish or less. I love planters but I LOVE getting a good deal even more :)


favorite planters




I have an addiction to small planters. You can never have too many! You can easily stick them on a shelf or tuck them corner. And because of their size, you can always find good deals.


small planters

1. Amazon (affiliate)      2. CB2      3. Target      4. All Modern      5. Etsy      6. All Modern    7. All Modern




Whether they are for outdoors or inside, you can find so many different styles.



medium planters

1. Home Depot     2. All Modern      3. Target       4. Target        5. Amazon (affiliate)



Large and tall planters can get really pricey so I get extra excited when I find a good deal. Some of these will surprise you on how inexpensive they are given the size.


tall planters

1. Target      2. Walmart      3. Home Depot      4. Walmart      5. Home Depot



I think hanging planters are my favorite! I wish I had more places to hang plants. I may need to order some of these….



hanging planters1

1. Liza Greis       2.Etsy    3. Amazon  (affiliate)      4.CB2          5. CB2      6. Etsy



I’m curious, which of these planters are your favorite?






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