Liza Greis

Do-it-yourself projects and Home Decor

Dress up box

I am posting this now because I think everyone should have one of these and it is the perfect time of year to assemble one. I put all of our dress ups in a large plastic tote (18 gallon). They are about $3 or $4.00 each. You could also find an old trunk. My playroom […]

"Favorite Things" GIVEAWAY

So to kick off the “grand opening” or launching of this site I am having a little (emphasis on little) give away. I bought a few of my favorite things. There are some treats to add to your stash ( come on, you know you have one) and to get you through your day. I […]

Rainy days and cupcakes

My new favorite TV show is Cupcake Wars. I love when they have to come up with new cupcake flavors on the fly with weird ingredients. I am not that daring, but I thought it would be fun to come up with my own recipes. We had three really rainy days in a row and […]

Bathroom makeover

We bought a cute little 1938 home several years ago and began fixing it up. The upstairs bathroom was one of the last rooms we did. We waited so long to do it because my husband and I couldn’t agree on what to use for the counter top. The floors were already a pretty marble […]


I love artichokes!!!! I have a lot of Italian dishes I like to make that call for artichokes.I also like to steam them and dip the leaves in butter then scrape the “meat” off the leaves. The best is when you make it to the heart of the choke and dip that in the butter, […]

Tape City

One of my boys’ favorite things to do is play with cars. So every once in a while we shake things up and make a tape city. I did this with my brother growing up. I, for some reason, couldn’t find a more recent picture. These pictures are old and not very clear, but you […]

"I Spy" Bags

A few years back I was given one of these as a gift. It was such a hit but I have more than one kid, so I decided to make some more. I do not sew well at all but this wasn’t too bad. Because it is made out of fleece you don’t have to […]

Painting Cookies

I am always trying to think of fun activities for my kids. I am a clean freak so I usually try to think of things that won’t make a big mess. This one wasn’t bad at all, but I guess it depends on the ages of your kids. I used a bowl to cut out […]

Side table redo

I love taking something I have and giving it a new look. In the early years of our marriage we were given a lot of hand me down furniture. I was able to make everything go together by refinishing or reupholstering. I still have most of those pieces today. Somehow when you work on something […]


I wanted a topiary for my family room. And like most things in my house, since I couldn’t find what I wanted, I made it. It was so easy! I bought 2 styrofoam balls at the craft store. I also bought a package of dried moss. I went in the back yard to find a […]

Fruit pizza

We have family night one night a week and this time I decided to make a special treat. I made sugar cookie dough and shaped it the way I would pizza dough. I even baked it on my pizza stone. Leave enough room around the dough so that it can expand when cooking so it […]

Chicken coop

We decided to get a few chickens and a couple ducks. I had some when I was growing up and loved it. I am not a dog or cat person, so we thought they would be good pets for us. I did a lot of research and found out that Buff Orpingtons are the friendliest […]

A Valentine Day tradition

Every year we have a red & pink dinner. The kids help me decorate the dining room (I wish this picture showed the decorations better) in homemade hearts, confetti, streamers and anything we can find that is red and pink. Everything we eat is red and pink and we have to wear red and pink. […]