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Americana Style Decorating

I grew up with a mother who was extremely patriotic. She also collected antiques. I think that has affected my design style a little. And since it is almost the fourth of July I would like to share some examples of Americana design that I have found. And then tomorrow I am going to show you MY Americana family room:)

Americana can be obvious with red, white, blue and flags. . .



. . . or a little less obvious with just red, white and blue.


It can have a nautical feel.


I tend to gravitate towards the less obvious. The rooms that have the feel of Americana but don’t necessarily have flags, stars, and just red, white and blue. Just like this room. I love the addition of yellow :)


And I LOVE that this room is black!


I also love when you have more modern elements like these kitchen cabinets thrown in with the rustic.


And you don’t even have to have all the colors like this blue and white room. The white is so clean and fresh.


I can’t wait to share my room with you tomorrow!!!

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  1. mom24boys says

    I love this time of year because of all the Americana decor. I am more of an antiqued flag and red, off white, and blue kinda gal. I look forward to seeing your room. I hope to add more to my new home. I thought I had more in my previous house so I need to add to things this year. Thanks for giving me some ideas.

  2. Lisa says

    I love Americana. While my whole house isn’t decorated this way, I do have a few elements incorporated into the decorating. I LOVE these rooms. So comfortable…

  3. rachael says

    i also love americana decor, i feel like pottery barn does a lot of great-not-too-obvious pieces.

    i know i will use a lot of whites and natural materials in my home and will love when this time of year rolls around once we’re back in the states because of how patriotic my husband is, adding mild red and blue accents! thanks for the inspiration in making my Australian 4th of July red white and blue