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Almond Joy Popcorn and an Outdoor Movie!

As kids we used to run an extension cord outside and take a small TV/VCR combo out to watch movies in the backyard. I thought now that I am an adult and have a house of my own, that I could do a little better than that. So we got a projector screen to go with the projector we got a few years ago. I also ordered some bench cushions because I had a vision for some cute DIY seats.


backyard theater


I wanted these to be as simple as possible in case I ended up making a ton of them. I cut plywood that I had on hand into 24 inch by 18 inch pieces. The cushions were about 17 inches wide so that is why I made them a tiny bit bigger.  For every seat you want, cut two boards.

The I primed them with a tinted primer I had on hand. White primer would be fine as well. I primed them because plywood is SO porous and soaks up a lot of paint. I didn’t want to go through a million cans of spray paint.

I used hinges to attach the two boards together. I used two hinges per seat. Thicker plywood is best for this project for the fact that the screws will go all the way through the board if it is too thin.

I had some 1×2 that I cut to fit on the inside of the boards. I cut two pieces per seat. I screwed them onto the inside of the bottom. I then screwed a 5 inch screw all the way through the 1×2 piece. These get pushed into the ground to make sure the seat doesn’t move when you lean back on it. There were four (one on each bottom corner) per seat.

Then I painted the 1×2 piece as well.

how to make outdoor theater seats

And because you can’t have a movie without popcorn, I made a family favorite….

Almond Joy Popcorn!

popcorn almond joy

Pop some popcorn, add some unsalted almonds, and then drizzle melted chocolate over it. Then add some unsweetened coconut flakes. If you are doing a small amount of popcorn, make it in a bowl. If you are making a large batch, spread the popcorn and almonds on a cookies sheet and then add the chocolate.

drizzle chocolate

For even more coconut flavor, add coconut flavoring to the chocolate!

almond joy popcorn

Now you are ready to enjoy it during your outdoor movie!

backyard movie seats

Does your family ever have outdoor movies?


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  1. Carrie says

    Really cute. You could also paint the backside with chalkboard paint or dry erase for word games or to announce the movie.