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6 Hardware Options {Help Me Decide!}

When Shane and I were first married we got an old hand-me-down couch from my aunt and uncle, we bought a very cheap table from K-mart, and I bought some wood crates from the craft store and turned them into an entertainment center. That, and the beag bag I had in high school, were all we had when it came to furniture.  We stacked our clothes up in piles in the corner of our studio apartment. Our first Christmas my grandma gave us some money and we bought an unfinished wood armoire. It stayed unfinished for awhile and then I added polyurethane for a natural wood look. Years later I decided that dark walnut was all the rage so I sanded it down and stained it. After 17 years, it is starting to show its age and I knew it was time for another makeover. It was the perfect candidate for my HomeRight post this month!




Right now it is in the boys’ room and is functioning as my youngest’s dresser. I haven’t nailed down the look of their new room (I keep changing my mind!) but I do know that grey will be one of the colors so I thought a soft grey would be perfect.


I painted it using HomeRight’s new sprayer, the Finish Max Super. After you guys give me some help picking the hardware, I have a GIVEAWAY!

finish max extra


After it was all painted, I pulled out my hardware bin with all my knobs and handles and I found that I had too many good options and I couldn’t decide. You guys were so helpful with my flooring options, that I thought you could pitch in again with this project. I’ll share the 6 ideas, and you tell me your favorite!


My boys are all into the great outdoors and I want their room to reflect that so I thought these wood slice knobs were a fun nod to nature.


wood slices as knobs for dresser


All of my boys collect rocks and one year I ordered some of those “break your own” geodes. They loved using the hammer to gently break them open and find the crysals inside! I saved some and turned them into knobs. I painted the orangey-tan part a nice silver.


geode knobs on dresser


I had some traditional metal knobs that were from when  updated our old bathroom vanity. Since I tore out the old vanity to build a new one, I had these laying around.


metal knobs for dresser


I have used rocks as coat hooks in the office so why not as cabinet knobs?


rocks as knobs on dresser


I had some leftover hardware from our kitchen. I love the vintage-y feel of the pulls!


vintage hardware for dresser


For some reason I had a ton of those unfinished wood knobs in my bin. I painted some to match the dresser!


painted knobs for dresser


Here are some close up shots to help you decide :)

Option #1

wood slice knobs


Option #2

geode knobs


Option #3

metal knobs


Options #4

rock knobs


Option #5

vintage hardware


Options #6

painted knobs


Now for the giveaway! Enter below using the rafflecopter widget. And don’t forget to visit my blog post over on the HomeRight blog!



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Must be 18 years or older to enter and a resident of the United States. The giveaway will run from August 15, 2017 until August 22, 2017. The winner will be picked via and will be notified by email. The winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. The company, HomeRight, will be responsible for shipping the prize.

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  1. Cindy B says

    I like option five. It give it a little pop of something and I like that the drawers are a little different from the cabinets. Additionally, it makes sense. I think it’s very vintage and traditional (which goes along with my personal style). There are several other options that I would like well enough to go with but this is my favorite. For some reason I want a pop of color or design somewhere like in the “panes” of the cabinet doors. In case you want to add anything else.

  2. Teresa says

    I love the geode and rock knobs. They’re such a personal touch. My son agreed but if it was him choosing he’d go with rocks because of the smooth texture.

    In fact I’m going to copy this idea along with the the tree branch coat stand, I love it.

  3. Danielle Hart says

    I love the natural, outdoor feel of the rocks and wood slices. The vintage kitchen pulls have personality enough to stand out while still looking like part of the whole. The metal and painted wood knobs blend in almost too well with the whole. The geode are fun but almost too monochromatic plus I worry about them being too rough.

  4. Terri says

    This is a great makeover! You wouldn’t go wrong with any of the choices, especially with the styling you have done. However, my personal favorite are the vintage knobs, they are classic and for young boys’ daily use would most likely be the easiest to use.

  5. Mary Burke says

    #5. I have similar chiffrobe my late husband made it from a kit,thru J.C.Penney’s we used it for our first born son,now (30 yrs old!) He & younger brother used crayons on the inside pine doors.We left it..yrs later all 3 dons grown,( still no grandkids) they look & laugh @ y didn’t u paint over it? Y would I? Their tiny hands making feeble imagines that @ 67 I look upon as if it is a Michelangelo painting..preserved for posterity .. number 5. Is my choice, M.Burke

  6. Lainy says

    I like the rocks the best. Generations ago I was given a dresser; I painted it fire engine red and made drawer pulls out of rope for my sons room.

  7. Danita Courtney says

    Wow! All great options! If it were for me in an office setting I would choose the vintage hardware they really pop with the grey paint. But since it’s for one of the boy’s I would go with the rocks. They are rugged and look amazing on the grey!!! Option #4.

  8. Susie says

    I would definitely go with the vintage hardware (#5). A beautiful, classy look that will hold up well, and go with any accents you choose to use.

  9. Shelley says

    I like all of the hardware options, but the rocks and geodes are so unique and I absolutely love things of nature in my decor. So #2 or #4.

  10. brenda says

    wow i can see why there is a challenge. i got practical and thought perhaps boys hands might leave fewer smudges with the traditional hardware. more room to grab the handles with PERHAPS less contact with the painted surface. ??????

  11. Barb macaskill says

    I personally like the geode handles, the wood slice handles next, rocks take third place, then metal knobs, vintage hardware and last but not least the painted knobs.

  12. Pamela says

    My favorite is #5 for style, but I wish they were back. My second favorite is #6, I think you see the cute dresser better with something so plain.

  13. Laurie says

    The wood slice knobs seem to carry through your theme. Or perhaps some different vintage knobs that look more rustic (not shiny) or the painted knobs for the most authentic vintage look.

  14. Joann says

    My first choice would be the geode knots and metal is my second choice. For me, it would depend on the functionality and how well the geodes would hold up with daily use.

  15. angela bradley says

    i like thye rocks. they are rustic and odernh at the same time. the color can blend or stand out. and it si definetly not girlie.

  16. Brittany Koelmel says

    I love the rocks! That is so cool. I am totally going to do that on my dresser now! Thank you for another DIY project idea!!!