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5 Ways to Decorate for the Holidays with Plants

This post is sponsored by Costa Farms but all ideas and opinions are my own :)


Hi, my name is Liza and I am addicted to plants. My kids occasionally sing “Welcome to the jungle!” as they enter the family room, especially after I buy a new plant or two. Over the years I have shared lots of ways to decorated with plants. I even wrote a book about it! Today I am going to share some ways to decorate for the holidays with plants.

I got some happy mail the other day. A box full of houseplants! If you have ever bought a plant at Home Depot, Walmart, Trader Joes, Costco, or pretty much any store, you have probably bought a Costa Farms houseplant. You may even recognize the little red angel that are on the tags of their Exotic Angel collection. There are so many different types and they are all beautiful. Let me show you how I styled them for the holidays!

Exotic Angel Houseplants from Costa Farms

5 Ways to Decorate for the Holidays with Plants

You don’t need to banish your houseplant to a back room until the holidays are over. You can easily incorporate them into your holiday decor!


Present Display

When my kids were little we didn’t have a big tree. We had a smallish one that we put up on an armoire, because kids… right? I wish I would have thought of this fun present display idea back then! Even if you do have a big tree, this would be a fun place to place presents. Maybe this could even be an advent calendar filled with 12 small gifts.


crates stacked and filled with presents and plants


Crates stacked


crates stacked


Ladder Christmas Tree

Are you looking for a fun non-traditional “tree”? How about a ladder? Fill it with green plants and top it with a star.

ladder filled with plants


House plants actually do better during the dryer winter months if they are grouped together (and away from heat vents!), so this not only looks cute, but helps the plants stay healthy.




ladder and plants


Lettered Planters

Stencil some letters on your pots to spell a holiday themed word. Noel, Merry, Jingle, or JOY! They would look great on your stairs, porch, mantel or a holiday tablescape.


planters with joy painted on them


Joy planters


Baskets and Ribbon

I always say, if all else fails, stick your plant in a basket. Plants always look good nestled in a basket. Add some festive ribbon and “Boom!” you have a fun holiday decoration.

plant in basket



plant in basket


New Years Gold Pots

My inner magpie couldn’t pass up these shiny gold buckets at the store. I just knew they would make cute temporary pots. I added some vinyl numbers and set the plants inside. It couldn’t be easier!


2019 pots


Confession time… Sometimes my ideas are big fat flops. I had the brilliant idea to use sparklers for the photoshoot. I thought “How cute would they look all lined up with a sparkling sparklers sticking out of each one?” Massive fail. Do not light fireworks in your house. Ha! Another tip, don’t substitute vanilla ice cream for milk when making alfredo sauce. Also, what does it say about me that I had ice cream but not milk? Priorities ;)

Instead of the sparklers I opted for these glittery things that I got in the Christmas section of the craft store. They are sort of sparkler-ish.


plants in gold pots


No plants were harmed in the making of this photoshoot.

new years decor


So I am curious, do you decorate with plants during the holidays? I would love to hear your ideas! I also would love to know what your favorite type of houseplant is so comment below. 




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  1. laura says

    HI Liza!
    I love this! I always struggle with where to put my plants with the Christmas trees take over this time of year. I love the idea of ribbons! Also, where or where did you find that wood ladder? It’s perfect! laura

  2. Therese says

    Oh my gosh LOVE all of your decorating with plants ideas! From the simple plaid bow around the basket to the adorable ladder Christmas tree. Too cute!

  3. Home Arise says

    I love plants too, but I can never seem to keep them alive! All I have left is a cactus :( But this post certainly inspires me to try again, and try even harder. The ladder Christmas tree is just genius, but I need alive, healthy plants to make it complete.

  4. Amy Anderson says

    I didn’t realize houseplants were better grouped together in the winter! I’m going to decorate with plants next year because i need more greenery in my house. . . it’s too brown. :D

  5. Toni says

    I love how the greenery of the plants pairs so nicely with Christmas colors. My favorite is the ladder with the star on top, or the bookshelf, well all of it :)

  6. Sharon Smith says

    OH EM GEE!!! I love, Love, LOVE these ideas and I know I will be using a few if not all around my house this Holiday season. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.