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20 Wall hangings that will add texture to your space

It doesn’t matter if you decorate with bright, bold colors or if you are drawn to using neutrals, texture is an important part of a space that often gets over looked. Recently I have seen that wall hangings have become more, and more popular. Here are 20 wall hangings that will add texture to your space!

Wall Hangings That Will Add Texture To Your Space

My mom use to hang baskets on the wall and when I was younger and while I thought it was weird because no one else had them on their walls, I also thought it was kind of cool. This tribal collection of baskets not only gives the space texture, but great pattern as well.

baskets on wall

The African Home Goods


These baskets are more traditional and reminiscent of the baskets on my walls as a kid. It proves that this idea can easily work in any room.

baskets on wall

The Nester


This vintage inspired wall hanging is fun and cheerful! *Side note* I’m totally crushing on the bench as well.

flower wall hanging



I’ve seen a lot of macrame projects but this one that looks like leaves (or feathers) is one of my favorites! My boys would love to have this hanging in their room.

macrame feather wall hanging

Best Looks


The first time I saw this I thought it would make a fun DIY project. Aside from the way it is shown here, you could hang it on your patio like a modern wind chime, make several (with round the corners) for a baby mobile, or attach a smaller version from the bottom of a hanging planter.

modern wall hanging



I have done a lot of projects with wood beads in the past so I was instantly drawn to this fun wall hanging! It would be so easy to do and you could even have your kids help.

wood bead hanging art

Kreativ K


Sometimes rooms have a lot of straight lines and corners. It is nice to add something round and this yarn wall hanging would be perfect.

round yarn art



Speaking of circles, how fun is this? If you had the patience, this could even be a DIY project!

circle hanging wall art

Cedar & Hyde


You have to see this one up close! This sister duo creates the most beautiful textile art.

blue textile art

My Modern Net


This fun rainbow screams playroom to me! I love the simplicity of it. It would brighten up any space :)

rainbow wall art

A Beautiful Mess


I am so glad that traditional macrame made a come back. I recently learned how to do it and want to create some pieces for my own home.

macrame wall hanging

Garden Miss You


Maybe it is because I am crushing on sage green lately, maybe it is the styling of the space as a whole, but this is my favorite! The illusion of movement is fascinating.

yarn wall hanging

Luke Caldwell


If you don’t have a headboard or you are looking to fill a large space on a budget, this would be a great solution! They come in so many colors, styles, and patterns.

wall tapestry

Urban Outfitters


I grew up helping my mom make pompoms with yarn and a fork. It is actually really fun! I had never thought to put them together in this way. Such a fun idea!

pompom wall hanging

Sugar and Cloth


It is weird that this reminds me of the wall of paint chips at a home improvement store? Is it weird that that is why I like it? I love the color combination so much!

yard wall hanging

My Modern Met


This one took the idea of wood beads to a whole new level! I love the rings. Very modern and whimsical.

wood bead wall hanging

Dream Green DIY


Wall hangings can fill up and empty space, add color, and help establish the style of the room, just like this one.

floral wall hanging

Lovely Life


If you have seen my bathroom, you know I love all things shibori. I have even used indigo dye to create my own fabric for a pillow. Hanging fabric like this is an inexpensive way to make a big impact.

shibori fabric

Urban Outfitters


Wood plus macrame equals pure genius! So many possibilities.

round wood wall hanging

Roaming Roots Woodworks


Holy smokes! This reminds me of a geode and makes me so happy.

round yard wall hanging

Tammy Kanat


Do you have any wall hanging in your home? What was your favorite example? I’d love to hear what you think about this textile trend!

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  1. Danita says

    Beautiful collection for all sorts of flavors! I like to look at all the rich assortment of fabrics neatly folded in my storage spaces and imagine what they will become!

    Beautiful post!