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15 Must Have Gardening Tools

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Spring! Since I have been doing all sorts of prep work in the muddy outdoors and have nothing blog worth to show for it, I thought I would re-share my post about my favorite gardening tools. Whether you are a seasoned gardener,or just starting out, these 15 must have gardening tools are sure to up your gardening game!




I do not like to wear gloves when gardening. I like to feel the dirt between my fingers! But there are times, like when working with prickly raspberries, when I need to protect my hands. I prefer leather work gloves.

I already talked about how I keep a gardening journal in my post about gardening planning and rotating, but I since I use an old 3 ring binder that is literally falling apart, I would love to get an actual gardening journal!

These herb scissors are more of a kitchen item, but since I grow so many herbs, I added them to the list. I just ordered a pair and I am so excited to use them! *UPDATE* I LOVE these scissors!!! I use them all the time and they are wonderful.

We have a sprinkler system in our garden but sometimes there are plants that need a little extra watering. I love having a metal watering can on hand. Mine is plain gray but I LOVE this bright green one.

Remember my metal garden markers? I have had these for about 8 years and they are still going strong. I added vinyl lettering and metal plates. You can read bout them HERE.

Twine in my best friend. I use it to mark rows when planting, I tie back tall plants if they start to fall over, and I help train vines to grow where I want them. I use it all the time!



gardening tools

Amazon(affiliate): Gardening Gloves, Gardening Journal, Herb Scissors, Twine, Watering Pot, Galvanized Garden Markers



These little gardening scissors are great for cutting oregano or other plants you are harvesting.

The pruners are great or small tree branches, cutting down plants at the end of season, and trimming back over zealous vines.

Everyone needs a good set of hand tools. These have a lifetime guarantee! Measure how deep you are planting our bulbs, get out stubborn dandelions, loosen the soil, plant your seedlings and more all with these awesome tools.

small gardening tools

Amazon(affiliate) Gardening Scissors, Pruning Shears, Tool Set



Let’s move onto the bigger tools shall we? Of course we all need a good shovel. This one is the one I currently use and it has been my favorite. I have dug post holes with it, weeded, loosened to rock hard soil before tilling, and planted trees with it.

I couldn’t find a link to my exact tiller, but this one is really similar. I use it to till in between rows in my garden. It is faster to till than to weed. I only have to hand weed around the actual plants. It saves so much time and is fun to use!

After tilling up the garden in the spring, I rake it smooth with a dirt rake. I also rake the rows flat again after tilling for weeds. Be careful not to leave it laying down with the tines up though! The handle will hit you in the head if you step on it!

My sad, sad, wheel barrow is falling apart. We bought the cheapest one we could find when we moved here. It is time to replace it and I have my eye on this one from Home Depot. Is any of you have one that you LOVE, let me know in the comments. Aside from giving your kids rides, they are a must when moving yard waste and dirt around.


garden tools

Shovel: Home Depot, Tiller: Amazon(affiliate), Dirt Rake: Amazon(affiliate), Wheel barrow: Home Depot


When I lived in an apartment and wasn’t able to garden, I fantasized about having a large garden and harvesting veggies using a basket. I know, I am weird. A wire basket really is the best way to carry your produce from the garden inside. It allows the dirt to fall through. I rise them right in the basket before taking them inside. Then I can just set it in the sink for a more through washing. I don’t have a link to the one I have but I found one with a reasonably price. I prefer wood handles since when a basket is full, it can be heavy. Wood feel more comfortable. The basket on the bottom is my dream basket. It is a touch pricey (for me).



garden baskets

Top: Amazon(affiliate), Bottom: Williams and Sonoma

If you were counting, that is only 14 items. My last one is one that you already have. A stick! I use sticks to stake things up, I use them when planting seeds in my garden (like a dibber), and for tying twine on and marking rows.

Was your favorite gardening tool mentioned? If not, share it in the comments! There are so many fun gardening gadgets out there.


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  1. Clara says

    I NEED those herb scissors! I would love a tiller too but our garden is so small I don’t know if it is worth it.

  2. Kelsey says

    That bottom basket would be so easy to make for someone with some woodworking skills. I have 2 favorite garden tools. One is a big woven basket my mother gave me. It’s the perfect size for weeding or for a bumper crop of tomatoes. I too rinse right in the basket before I take the veggies inside. The other is an old tarp. When our firewood tarp gets too torn and ceases to keep the firewood dry I lay the tarps on the garden, cut holes where I want to plant the veggies and plant away. No weeding necessary & that tarp gets a second life instead of a trip to the landfill.

  3. Vanessa D. says

    I just bought a new wheelbarrow, True Temper brand, their 6 cubic foot contractor model. My son tells me that it’s the wheelbarrow they send out to jobsites where he works (a company that builds commercial greenhouses) and they’ve never needed any repairs.

  4. Patricia Gay says

    Two garden tools I’ve used for years (& wouldn’t want to be without): LOPPING SHEARS – cutting end looks like oversize pruning shears; they have long wooden handles – great for reaching things needing trimming – incl. vines, small tree branches, etc. & esp. cutting at or near ground level while standing (really helpful when your body gets older & bending, stooping, etc. are a challenge, if not painful). My other fave tool is a shovel with a long, narrow blade called a SHARPSHOOTER. Works great for digging deep much more easily than a standard shovel. Purchased both tools at local hardware store. Also from local hdwe. store: GARDENING CART – easier on this older body than a wheelbarrow (I can no longer lift up wheelbarrow) – my cart is deep, holds a lot, & front end is slanted & will dip down to ground level – great for scooping matter up into the cart, or, later, for emptying the cart. Also, my CAT loves playing in the cart! Patricia

  5. Camille says

    I have too many necessary tools to pick a favorite. I did notice a few things in your list that I will be adding to my own :)
    I don’t like to wear gloves for the same reason you mentioned, although cleaning dirt from under my fingernails IS a real hassle, do a necessary tools is definitely a NAIL BRUSH. I like that wire/wood basket too…you could totally MAKE that!

  6. Karolyn Love says

    I have several favorites…a weed extractor, my loppers, my weeder open hoe type thingie, but recently I acquired a Root Slayer!!! I love, love, love this shovel/saw/root slayer! I had some ornamental grasses that had such a thick root system, I couldn’t even begin to get a conventional pointed shovel through the masses. So, I saw an add for this Root Slayer, watched the video, read the comments from many women my age (70) who said it was like slicing butta! And it did! This is my new fave!!!

  7. Whitney H says

    I love my Hoe/Rake combination tool. With a wheelbarrow, just make sure it’s the foam tires. So nice not to worry about thorns, rough abuse to pop the tires.