Hi guys! My name’s Cristina and welcome to my lifestyle blog. The idea for this project all started from my first journalism course at Hofstra University and now its grown to become a huge part of my life. I’m 22-years-old and as you can tell from my content I am passionate about fashion, beauty and travel. But once in a while, I might thrown in posts about college life, New York City or technology.

Let’s get personal.

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY but both my parents are from Ecuador so I like to say I grew up with both cultures. I don’t feel 100% American and I don’t feel 100% Ecuadorian. I say this because, it’s a big part of who I am. You can find me listening to reggaeton in the car, speaking Spanglish at home and English with my friends.


I dislike the question, what’s your style? Because, honestly, I don’t know. I’m figuring it out. I like to wear what makes me feel / look good and I’m influenced by other Instagram bloggers or Pinterest. I loooooove trying out new trends and am always looking for great pieces at a low-price, which I will share with you! But, that doesn’t mean I might not splurge once in a while. I’m 4’11 (I know, VERY short) so the looks you see work for petite gals and of course can adjust for anyone else!


Ever since I was a little girl, I loved technology. I love computers. I was born with the Internet in 1995. I had a Windows 95 computer that I spent hours on and would even help my teachers in class with programs. I didn’t study technology though. Instead, I went on to do Journalism but I always had a little urge inside of me to take a computer science course or IT. I finally took IT 101 and after that Web Development. It was challenging, but I like that. Now, I want to combine my two interests, fashion and tech. I believe it’s the future. Wearable technologies, The Internet Of Things etc. Technology has always been a driving force in the fashion industry and I plan on discovering it with you.


Growing up in a Hispanic household comes with a lot of strict rules and makeup was definitely one of them. I wasn’t allowed to paint my nails or wear lipgloss until much later than all my friends. I think that’s why I am so into beauty now! I can’t live without mascara. After interning for a Korean beauty company, I started paying more attention to skincare so I’ll be sure to share some of my favorite products with you.


Leaving the country was never too foreign to me (lol, bad pun) as I would visit my grandparents in Ecuador every few years. My first trip to Europe didn’t happen until my 16th birthday when I visited Spain and London with my mom (best mother-daughter trip ever)! Then my junior year of college, I was granted a full-tuition scholarship to study abroad in Amsterdam and I got the “travel-bug” as people call it.

I’m young, I don’t have lots to spend so I travel on a budget. My posts will tell you exactly what’s actually worth visiting, where to eat good food and go out with friends.

This about me page is getting pretty long so I will stop here but thanks so much for visiting! Byteoffashion is my creative outlet but my goal is to create a community of strong women who live life to the fullest, love smiling and helping each other out. Ask me a question anytime or direct message me on Instagram just to chat, you are what keeps me going!

Stay gorgeous xo

Love, Cristina