My 2018 Resolutions


I never planned on writing this blog post because 1. I have a weird feeling about telling people my resolutions [I think it’s kind of bad luck] and 2. We’re already a month into the New Year so do people really care?

But Aimee Song [from SongofStyle] and her team wrote about their resolutions and it really inspired me to talk about mine – I figured it could help give you some ideas for creating goals / accomplishments this year.


  1. LEARN CODE – I signed up for CodeAcademy in December (it’s free online workshop) and I would love to learn how to use more of it on my blog / I think it’s great knowledge to have.
  2. READ MORE – I always hated reading books but now that I discovered marketing / business ones – I’m a little addicted. Last year, I bought #AskGaryVee and You Are A BadAss. Let me know of others I should read!
  3. LEARN ANALYTICS – Understanding online data is super important (as a marketer & blogger) so I want to complete the free Google Analytics Workshop & actually put the knowledge to use.
  4. CREATE A PODCAST – I started listening to podcasts a few months ago and I’m already brainstorming some great ideas for a show of my own!
  5. LEARN DUTCH / ANOTHER LANGUAGE – At some point of my life, I want to live in Amsterdam so knowing a bit of Dutch would be helpful. I started last year with Duolingo but still have a longgggg way to go. I also think learning Portuguese or Italian would fun / I want to travel to Brazil and Italy.
  6. INVEST MA $$$ – Now that I’m out of college and working a full-time job, I would love to learn the best way for me to grow my savings. I have ZERO knowledge about the stock market industry so I’m hoping that online videos or books can help!
  7. BE LESS OF A PERFECTIONIST – This is something that stopped me many times in 2017 from accomplishing my goals and I hope to leave that behind so that in 2018 I can move forward and build new amazing projects.

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