You Won’t Believe How Affordable This Coat Is

I didn’t have a post in mind while shooting this outfit (sometimes, I just go out and shoot without a blog post in mind) which can a diaster because then I’m left with all these photos and no content!

But after I started getting compliments on this camel coat from my co-workers and on the streets of NY (which NEVER happens btw) I thought I should feature it and help you guys out! Everyone seems to trying to find the perfect camel coat, whether it’s short or floor length they seem to be a hit this winter.


Boohoo – Kate Belted Shawl Collar Coat

Funny thing is, I’ve had this coat for 2 years (haven’t worn it much until now) and guess what, it was $10 DOLLARS. Yes, cheaper than my lunch.

It’s from and here is the direct link to the exact one I’m wearing. I should point out, it’s a one size option which freaked me out at first (but again it’s only $10) because I’m under 5 foot and usually an x-small. If you compare, the jacket looks shorter on the model than me in these photos. It fits me oversized, which means if you’re actually a normal height this coat probably won’t be a problem.

It’s also super warm, which is surprising because UM it was 10 freaking dollars??!

Buuut if you are looking to invest more into a camel coat (maybe put it on your Christmas list) or want a different style, I put some of my favorites together here. Camel coats are such a classic piece and I’ve found it goes with almost all my outfits and looks great with blue jeans.

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