Instagram-Approved Cabby Hat

I am off to Berlin today but I wanted to make sure to get this blog post in because I’ve been waaay to excited about this hat. 

Cabby hat, newsboy hat – whatever you want to call it, chances are you’ve seen at least one fashion blogger wearing it on Instagram. To be honest, I’m not really much of a hat person (once in while I like to wear baseball caps) but I don’t pay much attention to accessories (I should). 

When I found out this hat was available at Forever 21 for only $15, I had to get my hands on it! If you don’t know by now, I’m always open to trying out new looks, that’s what keeps fashion fun. The exact hat I bought is not available online – I bought mine in store. They seem to be selling out fast! I linked down below some of the most affordable cabby hats available right now.



Affordable Cabby Hats

Temperatures dropped from one day to next in NY so from now on most of my looks will be in sweaters or faux fur jackets. I’m not toooo mad about that. 

This cropped sweater is actually from a flea market in Amsterdam (IJ Hallen). Only 15 Euros. I swear, I never find anything good in thrift shops or markets so this was an exciting moment for me! My two-tone denim jeans are from American Eagle, I hope they bring them back but if not they’re a lot of similar ones out there, I will link them down below. 


Two-Tone Jeans

I am off to work now, so that’s it for today!

Talk soon. XO