How To Shop On Long Island While On A Budget

This post is specifically for my Long Islanders out there but it can easily be adapted to wherever you’re from or if you’re just visiting for the weekend! 

I like to classify myself as PRO when it comes to shopping on a budget. *Credits to my mom for teaching me her ways.

I am proud to say “it was only ____ dollars!” when someone compliments my outfit. There’s some type of satisfaction from getting a great deal and I want to tell everyone about it!

If you’re from Long Island, you’re lucky. Ok you may not live as close to the city as you’d like or some nights you feel like there’s nothing to do but we got some great shopping.

Outfit Details: 

Jacket: Stradivarius

Bag: Co-lab from TJ Maxx (great Chloé dupe, plus only $20!)

Pants: Abercombie & Fitch

Shoes: FILA

Affordable Places To Shop On Long Island

1. Tanger Outlets

This is a no-brainer and I have to admit I don’t always find great deals or items I like but the trick is knowing when to visit. 

Like right now (Back To School Season) is so worth visiting. GO.

I was just there last week and found some great deals at FILA, which is super on-trend right now. I found white sneakers for $20 and a FILA graphic tee for $9.99 but then got an ADDITIONAL 25% off that since my mom is part of the TangerClub, they send exclusive coupons to your house.

October is another time to get great deals because of the Pink Cards. Not only are you supporting Breast Cancer but you get 25% off coupons for each dollar you donate. These can be used additionally to any sale/clearance items you’d find at almost all the retailers. Usually the cards are sold at the offices but you can also purchase them at any of the retailers.

Check out all the brands here.

P.S. The Ronkonkoma location is much bigger than Deer Park so if you’re making a trip from out-of-town, I would suggest going to the further one!

2. Century 21

I feel like so many people overlook this HUGE discount department store since there’s only one on Long Island in Westbury. I haven’t been there for years but recently took a visit and was SO surprised. If you’re into high-end and luxury brands, this is the place to be. The clothes are on-trend, at great prices and there’s a wide selection.

3. TJ Maxx

Since we live in the suburbs, we’re spoiled with sooo many off-price retailers like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. But the trick is to not only go to once closest to you but explore ones in different neighborhoods. Each store has different inventory and price points so you never know what you may find. It’s literally a scavenger hunt. I am not too keen on the clothes here I love their beauty (so much skincare at the moment!) shoes, handbags and home-decor sections.

PLUS, their buyers are really getting good nowadays you can find on-trend items right away. Here are some of my favorites.

I also check out Nordstrom Rack for shoes or Bloomingdale’s Outlet although I find it difficult to find good deals here.

Hope these tips for shopping on Long Island help you spend a little less without sacrificing style!