Face Masks I’m Loving At The Moment

I do an at-home face mask at least once a week so somehow I feel like I can never have too many face masks. My favorite are the ones that give you instant results and make your face feel brand spanking new. Here are four face masks I’ve been loving so far.

  1. Origins Charcoal Mask

If you don’t have at least one charcoal face mask, what are you doing with your life?! Not only is it so much fun to put on, I mean you literally look ridiculous with black mud all over but it pulls out all your impurities. Bye bye oily dirt and hello fresh skin. I love that this mask isn’t too expensive for a high-end brand (1.07 oz is $17) and the bottle lasts a long time.

2. Tree Hut Exfoliating Mud Mask

This one’s a newbie for me but I instantly loved it. First of all, it smells really good, like grapes? It also has a grainy texture that feels good on the face. I just checked and it has amazing reviews on Ulta so I’m not the only one who loves it! The price is great too. The only thing I’d have to say is to be sure to close the lid tight because it dries fast!

3.  Global Beauty Care Dead Sea

Ok, if you could only buy one face mask, I would say get this one. From the moment you put this on your fingers it feels like heaaaven. The packaging says this mask is formulated with salts and mineral from the Dead Sea in Isreal. But what matters most is that it’s sooo smooth on the skin, feels like a cream and it leaves your skin feeling plump. Instant gratification! P.S. I found a JUMBO size for only $4.99.

4. FRESH Vitamin Nectar Mask

This one is definitely pricey but I got this mask in Sephora’s PLAY! Beauty Box and I’m so happy I did. It’s literally a bottle of crushed lemon and orange extracts made into a sticky paste. I feel like I’m putting fresh fruits on my face, I actually see the bits. Afterwards, my face feels bright, smooth and healthy.