Americana Fashion Vibes

Top: Levi’s

Shorts: BDG Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Converse

The title of this post is kind of ironic since I literally just got back to America. But I’m calling it right now, Fall is going to be all about that red, white and blue.

I saw pops of red all over the stores in Europe (especially on trousers).

One of my favorites pieces I bought abroad is this Levi’s T-shirt. Which is again ironic because it was my first ever Levi’s purchase and it was in Amsterdam, ┬áNOT the United States. It’s from the men’s department because I like their fit better.

I think red is a color that looks good on everyone. Even if you can’t pull off that red lipstick (I can’t), try a graphic tee with red details or a pair of earrings.

I put together a a few of my favorites RED pieces that are currently on my wish list and perfect for Fall.