Trendy “Instagramable” Spots in Amsterdam

If you didn’t Instagram it, did you really go there?

Nahh, I’m just kidding. Traveling isn’t all about taking photos but it is nice to have those memories. For me, I take pictures for my blog (of course) but also to have something to look back on.

Forget about the I am Amsterdam sign or Dam Square, if you really want a great pics then follow this guide to the not-so touristy spots.

First up, De Pijp. Which could be considered touristy because of the Albert Cuyp Market. But, if you wander off the side streets you’ll find some really nice houses with billions of flowers outside and cute small benches. It’s the perfect place for a photoshoot. You’ll find yourself posing in front of someone’s house or if you find a Vespa, definitely snap a pic.

Jordaan is also a nice place for pictures as it’s a expensive neighborhood and home to the some of the best boutiques (the nine streets). Best brunch spots and caf├ęs, which I will do a separate blog post about. Here, you should take pictures in front of the canals or stairs of a typical Amsterdam house.

Not too far from there is, Noodermarkt. Which is a pretty new neighborhood to me. I did a photoshoot here and it was the perfect spot for pictures. If you wander west from the market the houses are again filled with flowers and it’s not filled with so many stores or tourists. The best is to wander around the street and snap a pic of anything interesting. It’s possible to take a picture in the middle of the street here since not so many bikes or cars are around.