Why I Went Back: Amsterdam

ahh Amsterdam. The city of flowers, bikes, canals and of course you’re thinking about it, weed.

But to me it’s much more than that. I studied abroad here last year for almost 6 months and I did something I never thought would happen. I fell in love. No not with a guy, but the city.

It sounds cliché. An American girl studies abroad, travels around Europe and now feels “wanderlust.”

When I got back to the States. *See, you can tell I’ve studied abroad now because I reference the United States with “States.” But, anyways. Ever since I got back home, I couldn’t stop thinking about Amsterdam.

I missed the sound of Dutch, a language I don’t speak or understand much of. But the sound of it brings happiness to my ears. I missed the feeling of riding your bike down the streets and feel free. French fries and mayonnaise. The beautiful flowers at ever corner.

So naturally I booked a trip back to Amsterdam but this time only to Holland. Not to travel around Europe.


My travel tattoo!

I am here for 14 days. Two weeks of pure Dutchness. I am back to experience and revisit everything I once probably took for granted. I am coming back to a city that almost makes me feel like a local. (I am missing the speaking Dutch part, but currently working on it).

I’ve been following Dutch fashion bloggers for over a year now and it was influenced me a lot. I know the latest cafe shops, the must-visit brunch spots and the coolest places to shop.

I want to be able to share that with you. An American/ Latina girl experiencing Amsterdam almost like a local. Hanging out with Dutch friends, eating a stroopwaffel and drinking the best beers around.

That’s why I created a Youtube series: 14 Days In Amsterdam. I am vlogging my entire experience here. From how to buy the cheapest ticket to shopping on Kalverstraat and going to a Dutch party. I want to show you what it’s like. Much more than just partying and weed. Amsterdam is a city you will learn to love and you love it’s people. I mean, again, I fell in love.

Here’s a playlist of my Amsterdam travel vlogs. Comment if you have any questions or feel free to DM me on Instagram.