Review | Michael Kors Fitness Crosby Tracker

Fitness trackers have become super popular, especially the Fitbit. I personally do not like the Fitbit because it’s not something I want to wear on my wrist all day. It’s too sporty for me and even though you can buy cases from designers like Tory Burch, I don’t like the style of it.

Now companies like Michael Kors are moving to wearable technologies and MK is leading the game. They have both a smart watch and a fitness tracker that are much more fashionable than a Apple Watch or Fitbit. I bought the fitness tracker and made a video review of it.

michaelkors crosby fitness tracker

Although the tracker is $95, a little more than a Fitbit, I think it’s worth it because you’ll want to wear it out to dinner or a night out with friends. It blends in as a fashionable bracelet while you’re tracking steps.

The only downside of is that you can’t check your status on the tracker itself. Rather you need to open the app to check calories count, steps etc. I would of liked if the bracelets included a small screen feature.

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