Behind The Name: Byteoffashion



It’s my domain name, my Instagram handle, my “brand”. But, what does it mean? I created my website freshman year of college and it took several days for me to come up with it. Something catchy but unique. I got inspired by a dining hall on my college campus, Hofstra University. It’s called Bits & Bytes. I liked the name and the story behind it. It’s told to be the first spot on campus to have WiFi. So I combined “byte” with my interest; fashion.

But now the meaning of ‘byteoffashion’ has evolved. If you don’t know, a byte is language for computer memory. We are always thinking about gigabytes and how much memory can a SD card hold or your iPhone. We don’t want to run out of bytes. I also love technology so I want use my blog as a platform to follow how it affects the fashion industry. Wearable technology, bluetooth handbags etc.

Byteoffashion is also pronounced as “bite-of-fashion” so it could be thought of in that way too.