Frayed Jeans For Petite Women

I finally found a pair of frayed jeans that fit me!

If you’re petite, you understand the struggle of adapting to trends when length is a big factor example, culottes, ankle jeans, maxi dresses etc. And frayed jeans have been a constant struggle, I’ve even tried making my own (and terribly failed). I found this pair at Zara, from the TRAFALUC line at $49.90 but right now they’re on sale for $35.99 and there’s still a wide selection of sizes available!

These are my second pair of jeans from Zara and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They’re affordable and are always on top of the latest trends.

How To Find The Perfect Pair of Frayed Jeans

  1. Don’t skip the fitting room.  I tried on about 5 different Zara frayed jeans that I thought would all fit me and only one pair looked good.
  2. Be patient. It took my a couple months to come across the perfect length and fit. I didn’t settle.
  3. Look for mid-rise. I really think this helps with the length factor as the jeans would fit more cropped and the frays won’t be dragging on the floor (short girls, you know what I mean).
  4. Slim fit. You’ll find a lot of boyfriend styled jeans and even though I love that look, they don’t fit well with the fray details. I feel like my legs get lost so look for something with a tighter fit.
  5. If you can, wear heels when shopping. I find frayed jeans look best with heeled sandals or platforms so you’ll get the real effect in the fitting room. If you forget, then just get on your tippy toes.

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