Why I Canceled Ipsy For Sephora PLAY!

Ipsy vs. Sephora PLAY!

After three years with Ipsy, I cancelled my subscription. I didn’t cancel it because it’s not a good box. I mean, I convinced all my friends to sign up for it too and I loved receiving the cute pink envelope filled with products every month. But after three months of receiving Sephora’s monthly beauty box, “PLAY!” I am sure this box is more worth it.

The Differences

Both boxes are $10 a month, have 5 beauty / skincare samples but the products from Sephora are from brands I actually recognize. For example, Milk, Kat Von D, First Aid Beauty, Fresh. They’re high-end and some brands don’t have partnerships with Ipsy so it feels more exclusive. Plus it always includes a bonus fragrance sample. Sephora doesn’t give you a sneak peek to the products beforehand (something Ipsy used to do) so you actually feel surprised receiving the box each month.

ipsy and sephora play box

Left to Right: Sephora PLAY! and Ipsy

This is a comparison of June’s Ipsy box with Sephora’s PLAY! Some Sephora perks is that each box comes with a card that you can redeem for 50 beauty insider points if you make a purchase that month, giving you another opportunity to redeem samples in-store. It also comes with a booklet about each product (filled with cute puns) and information like “how to apply.”

milk blur stick sephora play box

Plus, I love the cloth bags the products come in. It switches up each month. In May the products came in a clear plastic beauty bag – perfect for the beach!

Below are three months worth of products I received from Sephora PLAY! My favorite is the Milk Blur Stick (retail: $36) Fresh Face Mask (retail: $62) and First Aid Beauty Priming Moisturizer (retail: $28).

If I could afford both boxes I would keep both but when it comes to choosing one from another, I would recommend signing up for Sephora’s PLAY!

June Sephora PLAY! Box