My Korean Skincare Routine

This past year, K-beauty has grown tremendously and now that it’s accessible in stores like Sephora (not just online), I’m getting more into it (especially after my internship with Neogen).

I learned that K-beauty focuses A LOT on skincare & now that I’m in my 20s, skin is something I’m started to care a lot more about.

I developed my skincare routine with these 6 products which are all from Korean brands and I would reccommend them no matter your skin type. Some of them even have SPH – perfect for the summer!

6 Korean Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now

I either start or end my day with this Coconut Milk Cleanser – Neogen. I like it because it’s a milky texture and it moisturizes the skin while melting off makeup. It’s great when you’re on-the-go and don’t have time (or are just plain lazy) to layer on moisturizer after washing your face.


neogeon coconut cleanser


I love exfoliating my skin, especially at the beginning of the week when I want to start off fresh. These bio-peel gauze pads make it super easy and fast to exfoliate the face. I really feel like dead skin cells are being scrubbed off plus the lemon scent is amazing! A grape wine scent is available as well – perfect for wine Wednesdays (:



Next up is foundation! Which you will learn I barely use but I bought this one because I wanted to try out the “cushion foundation trend.” It’s light on the skin, smells good and has SPH 50. I found this Amore Pacific travel size in Sephora’s checkout aisle so it was only $15.


amore pacific cushion foundation


korean suncreen

Soo when I’m not wearing foundation (which is most days) I still want to be protected from the sun. Did you know you’re actually suppose to wear sunscreen on your face all-year-round? I just learned that this year so now I’m making it a daily habit.

This Elensilia Sunscreen SPF 50 is the amazing for the face because 1. it smells good (not like that yucky beach sunscreen smell) and 2. it blends in easily and doesn’t leave white residue like other sunscreens do. This one is made specifically for the face so you don’t feel greasy and can apply your normal makeup routine on top!


korean sunscreen


I don’t do a face mask every night but when I’m feeling fancy, I like to reach for sheet masks from Sur Medic. They’re drenched in serum so I feel like I’m getting a good deal for my buck & it feels cool / soft on the face. I leave it on for about 10 minutes, then pat in any left over serum onto my neck and face.


Right before going to bed I put on this Neogen White Truffle oil. It’s a moisturizing serum that soaks in like water. White Truffle has many benefits like strengthening and brightening the skin.


neogen white truffle