Why I Am Traveling To Cuba


Traveling To Cuba As An American

I don’t even know where to start this post. I’m currently sitting in the Fort Lauderdale Florida airport waiting to board my flight, that’s in about 2 1/2 hours. Traveling to Cuba was something I never thought I’d do so soon. But now here I am! I booked my flight last minute and am traveling the last week of January to escape the NY winter!

Cuba wasn’t really talked about much in school, we (Americans) just knew it as a country we were forbidden to go to. I didn’t know much about Cuban history (until I started watching the Netflix Series: The Cuba Libre Story) and the country didn’t catch my attention until Obama visited last year and re-established government ties.

But the initial moment I told myself “I want to go to Cuba” was when I watched DamonandJo’s Youtube Video: How To Go To Cuba As An American. Jo created various videos on her trip there and I 100% recommend watching them all (she’s hilarious).

I’ve been thinking about booking this trip for months so I did a lot of research to at first to convince my parents to let me go. It’s confusing and a bit scary because I wasn’t sure if I was even allowed to travel to Cuba as an American. Do I qualify? I found this government document that lists out the 12 categories you can travel under and it explains each category in great detail.

If you wondering under which category I’m traveling under, I am visiting a family member! I’m very lucky and found out my mom’s distant cousin lives there as an Ecuadorian ambassador so I will be staying with her family for this trip.

Why I Want To Travel To Cuba

  1. Who knows what the future may hold and especially with the new presidency in the States, I’m scared that I won’t have this opportunity again if regulations change.
  2. I want to visit before it becomes the “it” Caribbean destination and all Americans flock to the island (It’s cool to be the first one, right?)
  3. Cuba has been disconnected from the world for so long (for example, very limited Internet access) so it doesn’t have many Western influences and I find that so fascinating. Almost everywhere else in the world you can find a McDonald’s but not there.
  4. The weather, music, drinks, palm trees, and everything else of a Caribbean island has to offer, of course!