Trend Tuesdays: Faux Fur


I was a little hesitant on including faux fur into the Trend Tuesdays series and that’s because I feel like fur has always been a trend. A faux fur jacket is a staple piece and you can never go wrong with it during the colder months. But this year, faux fur has been everywhere. I mean it’s on jackets, hats, bags, shoes and keychains. I’ve even seen phone cases with faux fur.

Today, consumers are more socially conscious than ever before and want to know how and where their products are made. The internet has exposed some cruel ways animals and factory workers are treated so shopping smarter is more popular. Plus, it helps that designers are finding ways to make faux fur look like real fur. Sometimes it’s so hard to tell the difference.


Quick story about this faux cheetah jacket: I bought this ages ago, when I was in high school and barely wore it back then. I think I used it twice and I bought it at Justice (yes, the teen store). I am hoarder when it comes to clothes (I have an emotionally attachment with everything lol) so I’ve kept this jacket since then and now it’s making a comeback. Lesson learned: Don’t throw too much away, you never know when you might want to bring it back out again.

img_7729IMG_7695.jpgThis faux fur is from Forever 21 but unfortunately the coat is no longer available online. I love it because it’s more thick and can really keep you warm when temperatures are down. img_7774