8 European Fashion Stores You Must Visit Abroad

I spent six months studying abroad in Europe and course I couldn’t avoid shopping (I might have done too much). Whether you’re taking a quick trip abroad or spending the rest of the year there these are some stores worth checking out and dipping into your savings account for.



Commonly described as the European “Forever 21”, Bershka offers inexpensive on-trend clothes for both men and women. It’s worth going in here because you’ll find some styles and pieces that fast-fashion American stores may not have picked up on yet. Ex. I bought a culotte jumpsuit in May and just now I’m starting to see it in Forever 21. (After all, it is owned by Zara)



Monki always has the best window displays that makes any girl my age want to walk in. You can find some wacky and fun accessories in here at a reasonable price (perfect for gift giving) and the clothes are priced similar to Zara but more expensive than Bershka. The clothing feels a bit more sophisticated (right now oversized silhouettes are popular) but you can find still find crop tops and a good sale in the back.



Prices here is similar to Topshop and the clothes can feel a bit older (not in a bad way). Personally, I like to take a walk through to find pieces I haven’t seen before and if there’s a sale going on I would definitely recommend stopping by.



Opposite to River Island, Primark is one of most inexpensive retail stores in Europe.I don’t think you can walk around the UK without seeing at least one Primark brown paper bag. Some Europeans are against Primark for it’s extremely low prices and low-quality items. However, I would reccommend stopping by if you don’t mind that. I’ve never had a problem with Primark clothing. WARNING: Primark is a huge department store and it you visit on the weekends it can be a bit chaotic if you’re in a big city.



Another store owned by Zara, Pull & Bear reminds me a little bit of an American Eagle. Marketed towards a younger audience (maybe high school), you’ll find jeans, basic graphic T’s and a couple of on-trend items. When I was looking for an inexpensive perfume, I bought mine here and it smells amazing. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look around here for good quality pieces.




Most popular for it’s online store (ships internationally), Missguided opened their first bricks and mortar store in Manchester, UK last year. However, you can find some pieces from the brand in US Nordstorm stores.




Anyone who spent time with me abroad knows my obsession with Stradivarius. Originally from Barcelona, Stradivarius is rapidly growing. They added their first stores in Amsterdam and London this year and recently launched a campaign featuring Hailey Baldwin. Everything about this store is amazing, the smell (still don’t know how to describe it), the affordable prices, high-quality clothes and styles. Plus, they release a new collection every month so you have a reason to visit every few weeks.



I’m not the biggest fan of this store but I had to mention it because I did buy some items here. I don’t know why it’s called New Yorker but it has no connection to New York. In Prague, the store was light-up well and had a nice aesthetic meanwhile the one in Amsterdam looked cheap. I bought a turtleneck dress, cardigan and a Chloè inspired handbag here for less than 40 dollars. I think it’s a hit or miss store depending where you are.

Thanks for reading & safe travels!