May Beauty Favorites | European Edition

Hey guys, guess what? I’m back! My classes in Amsterdam ended this week and I’m super excited to get back on track and check off all the ideas I have for this blog.

The first thing I have for you is some of my beauty favorites! Drugstore makeup here in Amsterdam is pretty expensive (don’t know why, someone please tell me) so when I visited Berlin I made sure to stop by DM and Rossmann (massive German drugstores) and pick up some goodies that I couldn’t find in Amsterdam.

Here are five products I’ve been using the most this month:



I ran out my MAKE UP FOREVER HD powder and needed a replacement ASAP. I bought this one for about 3 euros from DM and it works just as great. It keeps me matte all day and fits perfectly in my bag for touch-ups throughout the day. It’s a must-have for girls with oily skin!



Ah! This is literally my best find yet. Etos is a drugstore brand in the Netherlands and this is the only makeup I’ve found that’s somewhat affordable. It’s in the color “Dark Diva” (4 euros) and it’s the perfect wine color. This is actually my second tube because my friend in Berlin loved the color so much that I let her keep my first one.

Here’s a picture of me wearing it:

FullSizeRender 3.jpg



OK, this one might be a tie with being my best find yet. It’s the BEST black eyeliner pencil ever. My Sephora one dried out and wouldn’t stay on my waterline. This one is from KIKO, an inexpensive Italian brand available throughout Europe. The color is a nice rich black, it slides on smooth and stays on all day. I literally never need to touch up during the day and it was only about 5 euros! Definitely going to have to stock up on this before I leave.



Not sure if this is considered beauty, but I been struggling with finding a good perfume, that’s not too big and not expensive. I’m leaving in about a month and don’t want have to bring extra weight with me. I found this travel-size bottle from Pull & Bear and it’s the perfect sweet scent. Plus, I love that it’s a spray-on and not a roller ball.



My last favorite is from KIKO again! The change of weather has really taken a toll on my lips so I’ve been using this night lip treatment to hydrate them. It’s a thick consistency, which I like and comes in nice packaging.