How to Pack for a 3 Day Weekend Trip in Europe

When studying abroad, the best time to travel on the weekends. You don’t have to stress about missing class and you still get a decent amount of time to explore a new city. Chances are you booked a cheap flight or you’re taking a long bus/train ride and while these options save you money (and I do them too) you’ll be restricted to bringing one or two small travel bags.

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As a perfectionist, I like to overpack for all the “just-in-case” moments. I need an outfit for every occasion but the following steps have helped me leave some things behind while traveling in style.

1. The Basics

Double check your airline’s baggage rules for size and weight restrictions. Recently, most airlines have changed their policies and the last thing you want is to pay a check-in fee because your luggage is too big.

2. Think Ahead

 What will you be doing? Are you strictly there for tourist attractions or the nightlife, or maybe both. Plan your outfits accordingly. Denim and sneakers are perfect for all-day comfort but also pack items that easily go from day to night like a leather jacket or leather pants. This way, you’ll avoid packing too many outfits. FullSizeRender 9

3. Size matters IMG_3585

Stock up on the mini things. Not only do travel-size shampoo, shaving cream and soap follow airline regulations but they help save room and weight for the more important things (like those extra pair of shoes). Store these items in an clear plastic bag for an easier airport security process.

4. Don’t Forget

Packing the day before for quick weekend trips is common but there’s always a risk of forgetting the small and important things like your passport, a universal adapter (not all places in Europe have the same plug, I learned that in Dublin), a bath towel, comfy pajamas, umbrella (check the weather abroad), hand sanitizer (you never know), and if you wear contacts, your contact solution and eyeglasses for overnight trips.

Safe travels!