Travel Guide: 5 Ways To Czech out Prague the Right Way

1. Become Friends with Airbnb

IMG_3621Although this doesn’t apply specifically to Prague, I think it’s a major impact to the overall experience. Having a comfy place to stay at the end of the night makes everything feel extra-good. If you’re traveling on budget, I better see the Airbnb app on your phone. My trip to Prague was amazing because I found a place for $12 dollars a night & only a 10-minute walk to Old Town Square. I didn’t have to spend money on public transportation since Prague is small enough to walk everywhere.

1. Take SANDEMANs Free Tour 

IMG_3755Honestly, I was a bit hesitant about taking a guided tour of Prague. I like to explore things on my own, I was afraid it would boring and nowadays you can look up guides on the Internet. But like you’ve read it’s a FREE tour so I took a chance and booked it online a day before my trip. It’s advised to book online for a guaranteed spot but if you forgot walk into Old Town Square and you will see various tour guides with red umbrellas, find the one that says SANDEMANs (usually next to the St. Nicholas Church).

Anyways, this tour was amazing and I owe it all to our tour guide, Filip (featured above). From the start, he was cracking jokes left and right and you could tell how much he loves his job. I learned a lot about Prague history and he is entertaining and helpful in all ways like telling you the best place to exchange currency, how to avoid getting pit-pocked and the best places to eat that won’t rip you off. I would 100 % recommend it and I would try to book a tour with Filip!

2. Eat a Trdelník from Good Food

Went to Europe for the food 🍦🍩

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You’ve probably seen these “ice cream filled donut cones” everywhere on social media and so have I so it was no question that I had to eat one and Instagram it. Good Food Coffee & Bakery is the only place in Prague (that I know of) that sells ice cream-filled chimney cakes.

The bakery is on Karlova (street) right next to Charles Bridge. You’ll see a long line right away but don’t be discouraged, I went on Saturday and only waited about 15 minutes. Expect to pay a little more for these special cinnamon donut cones (110 crowns /4 euros plus toppings)  than the ones on the street (50/ 2-3 euros), but the delicious taste is definitely worth the extra money and calories. 

3. Catch the Best Views for Cheap


View: Prague Castle

The combination of gothic and baroque architecture makes Prague one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Find breathless views of the orange rooftops by climbing up to the Prague Castle. It’s free to walk around the courtyards and into St. Vitus Cathedral but it closes at 4 p.m. so make sure to get there beforehand!


St. Vitus Cathedral

They’re are 6 major towers in Prague and while you can buy tickets to  climb all of them, I think it worth just climbing one. After reading various blogs and experiencing it myself, climbing up the Old Town Hall Tower (famous for its Astronomical Clock) offers the best view in all directions. I bought a student discount ticket at the door for 80 crowns (just under 3 euros) and snapped these amazing pictures.


View: Old Town Hall Tower


4. Take Pictures at The John Lennon Wall


If you love taking pictures, this is the best place to go for a rainbow backdrop that’s always changing with spray paint. The John Lennon Wall was a symbol of freedom against the communist regime in 1980’s and now is a huge tourist attraction.

5. Eat, Drink, Repeat


Beer often costs less than water (Café Louvre)

This is something I didn’t expect. Prague is an inexpensive city when it comes to food and drinks. I ate at some amazing restaurants for less than 10 euros but I also spent a lot more on my last day because I walked into a touristy restaurant. It’s important to do your research online or better yet ask a local like your tour guide for the best spots. There are some pretty cool bars in Prague, including one with a secret menu. Check out my list of best restaurants and bars in Prague for cotton candy drinks, best chocolate cake in Prague and amazing ribs.