The Tropical Coast of Ecuador: Salinas

I refused to leave Ecuador without visiting the beach. I live in NY and it’s mid-winter here so I couldn’t wait to thrown on a bathing suit, sunbath and dig my feet into the sand.

I remember visiting Salinas as a child but it’s a blurry memory. What I do remember is the hot weather and that’s all I really care about (I loooooove the heat). When traveling, always pay attention to the time of year and climate abroad. It’s tricky to explain Ecuador’s weather because it depends on the region.

I traveled in December and spent most of my time in Guayaquil, where the wet season was just beginning with high humidity and temperatures. However, it did not rain one day I was there. So lucky!


This is Salinas, about a 2 1/2 hr drive from Guayaquil but if your with someone who drives as slow as my grandpa, it will take you 4 hours. Yes, he’s a very slooooow driver, plus it didn’t help that we’re in this car (check it out below)


Thankfully, we made it to Salinas in one piece and the view was definitely worth it. Here you can relax on the beach, swim in deep blue water, do water sports (for a very cheap price) and enjoy some of the best seafood around (again, for a very cheap price).


Coconut popsicle, one of my favorites!


I think we paid about $20 to use this jet-ski for an hour.


Although I’m Ecuadorian, I actually hate seafood and that seems to surprise and probably insult everyone in my family. One of my favorite foods is empanadas with batido de mora (wild berry smoothie).


Driving around Salinas, you will notice a lot of construction. Most people own the property but don’t have enough money to build something and it’s an empty square of dirt on the ground. Others have built beautiful hotels or big houses such as this one. Ecuador is definitely considered a developing country and there could be a lot of potential for places like Salinas.


I only spent one-day in Salinas but it’s a great weekend getaway. The only thing I would complain about is the massive amounts of vendors on the beach. I caught a glimpse of one here, selling shell necklaces etc. But it’s kind of annoying when you’re trying to relax and there’s constantly someone stopping in front of you trying to sell food, keychains, temporary tattoos etc. I can also see how this can be intimating to tourists but just shake your head no (unless, you want to buy of course) and they will keep walking.