Fashion Trend: Denim Overalls

Yup, here is another 90’s trend making a come back! You either love em’ or hate em’. Whether you like it or not you’ll see at least one girl this spring wearing denim overalls. I feel like this trend tried to make a comeback last spring season but there are so many negative feelings about overalls that girls stay away from this risky trend. I was one of those people though. “Overalls? Ew. Who would ever wear those?” But, surprisingly my views have changed.

Why, you may ask? Denim overalls can actually look good and can give off a girly vibe. However, leather overalls also exist if you’re more of an edgy kind of gal.

The key to make overalls look good is what you wear under them. The top can either make or break the outfit. Never wear a thin strap tank top with overalls. Use a bright floral bralette or plain T-shirt to add style and avoid looking like a farmer or construction worker.

image I took the picture of this mannequin at American Eagle Outfitters. This was the outfit that changed my views of overalls. I love the plaid shirt around the waist and the unbuttoned strapped. It gives that chill, “I didn’t try to look this good vibe.” And leaving one strap to hang keeps this outfit from looking childish.

There are many types of overalls. I like short ones but there are also full-on denim overall pants. Since Spring is right around the corner I would opt for the shorts. The long pants are too risky for me but that doesn’t mean people haven’t been rocking them.

Nowadays there are so many ways to style overalls because designers have gone beyond original blue denim. Overalls come in white denim, prints, leather, chiffon, velvet, and etc. Have fun with overalls and make them your own! Don’t let your initial thought of them stop you from buying some this season.



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