Fashion Trend: Harem Pants

You may have seen these pants in stores recently but do you know where they originated from?

Harem pants originated in the Arabian peninsula and are commonly used for belly dancing. The traditional harem pant is a very baggy and oversized lose fit. The pant is fitted through the leg and stays loose and baggy in the crotch so that it almost reaches the floor. This look doesn’t sound too appealing now does it? It wasn’t until the late 1980s when M.C Hammer came along and created a “modern” twist on the harem pants.

The new pants are known as Hammer pants or Harem and use less fabric to create a more “fashionable” look that celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna wear.

At first you may think these pants are hideous. Who would want to wear saggy pants? I know I know, I had the same initial reaction.

But paired with the right shoes they can be  a classy yet casual style. Coming from a vertically challenged girl’s point of view (yes, I am very short) I would never wear harem pants with any type of flat shoe.

The goal is to  make these pants elongate your legs. So pair these loose pants with wedges or pumps to create slim-dressed up look. Since there’s so much loose material going on with your bottoms, I would suggest wearing a crop top or anything tight on top. If you’re going for the bohemian look add a neutral lace cardigan with your crop top.


Check out some harem pants available online right now.

Did I convince you? Will you be adding harem pants to your spring closet or am I just crazy for liking this trend? How would you wear them with? I want to know what you think! Leave a comment down below.

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